How I stay grounded
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Staying grounded | How I work to stay grounded

If you don’t check in with yourself and how you’re feeling on a regular basis it’s easy to get lost in our busy lives and everything going on. Staying grounded is especially important if you are a sensitive person that picks up on others emotions and energies, and the environment around you.

For myself, as a creative person and constant over thinker, it’s easy to get lost daydreaming, lost in my thoughts, instead of being present and in my body.

How I stay grounded

Loosing the connection with your physical body means you start to lose touch with your gut instincts, your intuition, your digestive system and nervous system. You can become numb to how you actually feel about things in your life. That is not a good place to be!

Especially when your brain and your thoughts can’t be relied on to give you the full picture (and that’s a whole other post altogether!)…

But let’s just say that to function at your best we all need a balance of being both mental and physical.

What is being grounded?

So what do I mean by being grounded?

When I talk about being grounded, think of it as energetically. It’s being present in your own body, and being tuned in to its needs and what it’s telling you. It’s being connected to the earth and nature, and removing yourself from distractions.

The more frequently you can do this the more balanced and centred you will feel no matter what what’s going on in your life.

For me this practice falls under self care. If you don’t look after all aspects of your mind, body and soul then how can you show up as the best version of yourself?

How I stay grounded

A practice for keeping grounded

For me personally staying grounded is something I practice everyday. It is a habit I’ve cultivated as part of my daily routine so that I never neglect it, or myself.

I have found that by taking a little time every single day sets me up for the best day I could have. I really notice the difference if I can’t spend time getting grounded, and I don’t like how it feels. So here is what my average day looks like and what I do, and some tips to stay grounded.

Take or leave what resonates with you, experiment and find a pattern that fits yourself body and your schedule. See how certain things make you feel and take it a step at a time.

01. Move your body

The first thing I do on a morning is exercise. For me that’s an early morning run where I get to see the world as it’s just waking up. There’s something about that time of day that just speaks to me.

The air is a little crisper, the light is still hazy, and I’m lucky enough to see the sun rise and owls, deer, and other creatures before the noisy humans take over.

The run is my waking up time. Where I come back to being connected with my body and movement. Breathing in and out and clearing my head of all the rubbish so I can start the day refreshed.

How I stay grounded

My run is followed by yoga. Slowing down, deliberate movements, balance and moving with your breath. For me my yoga practice is where my mind, body, soul and breath meet.

Whatever you choose to do as exercise, moving first thing on a morning is the best way to start the day.

02. Meditation

Closely followed by my morning exercise, is my meditation practice. I take at least 10 minutes every morning just to sit and meditate in the quiet.

A meditation practice has so many benefits for your mental state, and the more frequently you practice the more benefits you will see.

Start by focusing on the present moment, to sink into your body and appreciate the moment. Focus your attention on your body, start at your crown chakra and work your way down to your root chakra, feeling every part of your body.

From your root chakra imagine the roots of a tree going down into the earth, growing, connecting you to the Earth.

How I stay grounded

03. Spend time in nature

Nature is the most powerful way to get grounded, and the simplest. Go for a walk, sit by water, listen to the sound of the wind in the trees….

The elements and the energy of the Earth is naturally grounding and balancing.

Whether you go for a hike, or just sit with a hot drink in the park, do what feels right to you.

04. Be on your own

It doesn’t have to be for long, but spend some time on your own each day to really focus in on what you are thinking and feeling.

Remove all the distractions like the tv, your phone, and any other technology. This especially good to do if you have a decision to make or something that you are unsure about.

Focus on that one thing or one question/decision you have and feel your body’s reaction to it. How does it make you feel? Does it feel right, or does it make you uncomfortable?

How I stay grounded

The more you practice listening to your gut and your intuition the easier it will become for you to be grounded and in tune.

So there you go, just four simple steps to help keep you grounded, or start a grounding practice.

Emily xo

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