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Everyday Acts of Self-Care

I wrote previously about having a self-care ritual and a daily or morning routine that is tailored to nurturing your self-care and self-love. The other aspect of self-love that I haven’t mentioned yet (and that I also think is extremely important) are the everyday acts of self-care you perform for yourself. Everyday acts of self-care come from knowing yourself, your values. Your dreams & goals. Who and what you aspire to be. When you make decisions from this place and act throughout your day to uphold these vales and goals… That is practising everyday acts of self care.

So how do these show up in every day life?

These are your priorities. The things you put first, knowing who you are, what you want in life & your beliefs and non-negotiable’s. Then applying them to all you do each day. Because showing up for yourself is important!

When you follow through on your beliefs and start actively working towards the goals you want to achieve you are working and living in alignment with your true self. And nothing is more beneficial to your health and well-being than that!

If you aren’t quite sure what your values, dreams & goals are just yet. Don’t panic. Try brainstorming or journaling around these topics and see what comes.

Everyday Acts of Self-Care

For a bit of inspiration my values & non-negotiable’s include –

respecting nature & being as eco-friendly and conscious of my effect on the planet as much as possible.

To be kind to everyone I meet. This include not talking about other people or joining in with ‘gossip’.

To learn as much as I can in this life.

To work with & heal / teach others as much as I can about health and natural wellness.

Protecting my energy – Be aware of my surrounding and remove myself from negative environments and people. 

Be conscious of what I feed my body, mind, and soul – this means the foods I eat, the things I watch and read & the things I choose to do with my day. 

But I will get into a bit more detail below.

Saying No

Whether its at work, at home, your social life. To your friends, colleagues, or family. Knowing when to say no is important. It protects not only your time and energy, but also your mental and physical space. 

Don’t say yes to that extra task at work when you know you wont have time. Do not be pressured into a social events or spending time with people that you either do not like, leave you feeling drained, or you are just too tired for. The same can be said for feeling pressured to do something you know you won’t enjoy.

Yes sometimes it is good to step outside of your comfort zone, push yourself and try new things. But not at the expense of your health or your values.

everyday acts of self-care

Protecting your time

This may sound similar to the above. But what I mean by protecting your time is more literal. If the rest of your day is jam packed and busy give yourself a protected window of time just for you. Book it in your diary of calendar as a meeting if you have to.

Giving yourself a window of time to decompress and be on your own can actually be highly productive and help you achieve more in a day.

You can spend it gazing out of the window, reading, or just enjoying your free time. It’s a time to hit refresh. Allow your mind to wander and see how much more you can achieve in your day by including some time for yourself.

Your morning

How you start your morning matters! The best way to start your day is with positive thoughts. So instead of reaching for your phone first thing when you open your eyes. Before checking the news, or facebook (or any other social media), try listing all the things you are grateful for instead.

In fact try spending at least the first hour of your day without checking emails, or using your phone at all. Instead practice yoga, meditation, journaling…

These are all fat better and more productive, healthy ways for you to use your time.


Be kind to everyone

If how you treat others is how you treat yourself. Then how you treat others can, in turn, become how you learn to treat yourself. As humans our default state is kindness. But somewhere along the way we seem to have forgotten this and become conditioned otherwise.

Being kind isn’t hard. It starts with smiling at strangers, making eye contact. Be polite to people you have interactions with throughout your day. The cashier, your barrista when you get your morning coffee, the person you sit next to on the bus. Just smile and say hello. Or pay them a compliment. You’ll be surprised just how much better these small interactions make you feel at the end of the day.

It’s not just things you do though. Think nice thoughts about people too! Start to notice your internal dialogue as you go about your day. Do you make snide comments about your co-workers or think something nasty about a person you see on the street? These things need to change too. When you catch yourself having these kinds of thoughts immediately change them. Say “No. I don’t think like that anymore. I’m sure they are a lovely person & I am no one to be judging another on their looks.”

The more you practice, the more you improve. The better your day and your thoughts will be.

Practice what you preach

If you have said you won’t do something. Don’t. If you have said you will do something. Do it. Cultivate good habits and be consistent in your thoughts and behaviour. If you are being more eco-friendly and want to protect the plant. Then be mindful of this when you go shopping and buy produce without packaging. Buy local. Take reusable containers and cups with you.

If you have said you want to exercise more and eat healthier then plan these into your week and make sure you stick to your plan. Your body, mind & higher self will thank you for it.

You see when we are true to our beliefs and goals, and practice the things we think and believe in we change our vibration. We strengthen our chakras and we show the Universe that we not only talk the talk but walk the walk too.

When we show up like this, in alignment and completely ourselves. That’s when wonderful things can start to happen.

everyday acts of self-care


Eat whole & simple foods

What you consume digitally, and energetically is just as important at what you consume physically. The foods you eat, how you fuel and nurture your body, reflect in how your body feels.

If you feed it junk food, processed meals with no nutrition and refined sugar — sludge and toxins that poison your internal systems and cause inflammation. You will feel sluggish, slow, unhappy, unhealthy.

But if you eat simple whole foods from the ground — fruits, vegetables, berries, seeds, beans, oats, whole grains. These foods feed you the essential vitamins, minerals and nutrients your body needs to make it strong, give you energy, and make you feel vibrant and alive.

You can read more on foods for health and healing in the nutrition section of my blog.


Staying in the present

One of the biggest drains on your energy and sanity is spending time in your past or trying to predict your future.

Spending each day being conscious of your thoughts is mindfulness. Mindfulness is keeping yourself in the present. Looking at the world around you, seeing the beauty and the love of your friends and family….

Where your mind wanders when you’re not paying attention is where you lose your energy. Losing yourself worrying about the past which you cannot change, or the future that you cannot control is a waste of your life, your time, and energy.

Practising Mindfulness and focusing on your now. Making the life you are living today the best it can be. That is always the best thing you can do for you and your future self today and the core of everyday acts of self-care.


Of course this isn’t a complete list. There are plenty more things you can add to your own everyday self-care. The whole point of this is it is ‘self’ care. Yours and yours alone. Special and personalised to your needs.

Of course this means that you can change up this routine as and when you feel you need it. Nothing is set in stone, so as you change and grow what you need to protect yourself and your energy changes and grows with you. These are your everyday acts of self-care and no-one else’s.

xo Emily


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