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Eating Seasonally for Spring

The 19th March marked the first day of spring in the northern hemisphere and we were lucky enough to get a day of warmth and sunshine. The change in season marks a change not only in the weather and the plants that grow, but also the foods we should be eating. Changing the foods you eat with the seasons is not only good for the plants but is good for your body and health too. Here’s how eating seasonally for Spring can help you & the planet.

What is Eating Seasonally?

Just because something is being sold at your local supermarket does not mean that it grows naturally at this time of year. We are living in a time of convenience and consumerism where everything we could possibly want or need is on hand to us at the press of a button, or the following of a whim. Which is actually detrimental to both our health and our planet.



Eating seasonally is choosing fruits and vegetables that are naturally growing during each season of year in your climate and country. It is a sustainable way of eating. A way of eating that is kind to the planet instead of stretching her resources further.

By eating this way you allow your body to naturally align with the rhythms of nature. Allowing your body the essential vitamins, nutrients, and nourishment it needs during each season.

Because we have access to so much food globally we have forgotten this way of living that was natural to our ancestors not so many decades ago. We have lost a lot of this knowledge, but it is easy for you to re-learn. Changing your food with the season also allows for you to change up your meals and menu ideas and keep meals interesting.

Why Eating Seasonally?

There are many benefits of eating seasonally for Spring. As well as enabling you to keep changing up your meals and experimenting it is good for you and the planet.

If we were only eating what we could grow our diets would look very different. The ability to ship food grown from anywhere has changed how we eat. And not necessarily for the better.

Mother Nature is smart. The foods and plants that grow during each season contain the vitamins, minerals and nutrients your body need to be healthy in that season. Eating seasonally makes sure that you are eating all of the nutrients you need and ensures that you are working to be healthier, have a strong immune system, and nurture. Eating seasonally aligns your body with nature.



As well as being good for your body eating seasonally is also better for the planet.

Eating seasonally means eating locally. If you are eating the plants, fruits and vegetables that naturally grow in the climate you live in then you are only eating what’s available around you. What you can grow yourself, buying from local grocers. Or check your labels for fresh produce at the supermarket.

This means you are reducing your carbon foot print by not eating foods shipped from other countries. You are supporting your own economy and the local businesses around you.

I truly believe that eating seasonally is a more holistic and healthier way of eating that needs to be brought back as a way of living that will help encourage the rhythm and ebb & flow of our lives. Living this way can really help you to slow down, be more in-tune with your body and nature.

Foods for eating seasonally for Spring

The Spring season is the refresher. The season that wakes you up from your Winter slumber. While there can still be some cold weather we don’t need the filling and heavier foods of winter. It’s time to cleanse your palette.

We don’t need as many warm or cooked foods now either so you will find lighter options in vegetables like radishes, broccoli, sprouts, avocados, snap peas, beetroot, cauliflower.



There are still some root vegetables around to keep you full though. You can still find parsnips, sweet potatoes, cabbage and celeriac.

Spring is the season of the liver, skin, and detoxification. After Winter, heavier foods and slowing down/hibernating, your body needs lighter and brighter foods to start from the inside out. Refreshing Spring foods include leafy greens, dandelion leaves, asparagus, peas, lettuces, kale, cucumber, watercress, spinach, celery, & citrus fruits.

In the wild Spring is when you can see the first nettles, dandelions, cleavers and chickweed growing. They are all cleansing and energy giving plants. In fact there is a recipe you can use for a Spring cleanse for your body using these exact ingredients! If you would like to read more about naturally cleansing your body using wild growing herbs and plants you can read How to Detox Your Body Naturally


Eating seasonally for spring_wild plants


Spring is also a time when our productivity and energy output begins to ramp up. Slightly spicier and hotter foods are there to help your system get fired up and reawaken your senses. You can find leeks, spring onions, chillies, red peppers and wild garlic in season now. Plus mushrooms for vitamin D.

Winter can be hard on your skin leaving you feeling dull and lifeless. It can also dry your skin out with the cold and lack of moisturiser. Cleansing fruits and vegetables growing in Spring include rhubarb, kiwi, limes, apples, grapefruit, pear, persimmons, strawberries, apricots & nectarines.


Eating Seasonally for Spring_wild raspberries


Wild foods to eat in Spring

Other wild growing foods you can forage and eat during Spring are horseradish, sweet violets ( the flowers can be sweetened and used for cakes and salads), wild garlic leaves and the bulbs (or root), elderflowers, and raspberries.

If you would like to get your hands on an easy reference, printable list of ALL the seasonal fruits and vegetables you can download one via the link below.

xo Emily

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