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    Dandelions 101

    These precious bright bursts of sunshine have a pretty bad rep as an annoying weed to be destroyed. But dandelions are in fact beautiful and nutritious, nutrient dense, wild plants that contain more vitamins and minerals than many of the foods we eat! In Dandelions 101 we will cover their health benefits & uses. Including some tasty recipes. It’s often…

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    Herbs for Respiratory Health

    With everything going on in the World at the moment, with a pandemic ongoing, and a disease that is respiratory focused, those with pre-existing respiratory issues are likely more concerned than usual. I thought now would be a good and relevant time to cover respiratory health & herbs for respiratory health that you can use through this time to help…

  • Herbal Remedies,  Recipes,  Spring

    Herbal Spring Cleanse Recipe

    As the days get lighter and brighter and we finally step into Spring you may feel like you need to shed your Winter body and start this new season with some lightness and brightness of your own! That is what this Spring cleanse recipe is for. Winter can often leave your skin feeling dull and lifeless, and all that hibernating…

  • Herbal Remedies,  Nutrition

    Herbs & Foods for a Healthy Heart

    As February is often seen as the moth of Love it seems only fitting to talk about your Heart and how to keep it as healthy as possible. Of course, as with everything there is an emotional & physical aspect to heart health. Your Heart is part of your body’s circulatory system: arteries, veins, capillaries, heart. They together make up…

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    Herbs & Foods to Cleanse Your Liver

    Welcome back to Liver Support & Cleanse part 2. This post is going to cover the Herbs & Foods to cleanse your liver. As the name suggests this post had to get split into two parts. If you missed it the previous post, part I covers all of the lifestyle changes and supportive things you can do day-to-day that will…

  • Liver Support Cleanse
    Healing,  Herbal Remedies

    Liver Support & Cleanse – Part I

    The liver is one of the key organs in your body that enables you to remove toxins. Feeling a little sluggish and like you may have over-indulged too much this holiday season? Now is the perfect time to focus on your Liver and supporting your body in removing those toxins from your system. A Liver support & cleanse in the…

  • Rosehip Benefits
    Herbal Remedies

    Rosehip Benefits

    Rosehips are surrounding the hedgerows this time of year. If you’d like to pick them and aren’t sure how you can read up Autumn Foraging Guide | Wild Roots & Fruits for some foraging tips. The birds and wild animals like eating these sweet berries too, so don’t forget to be mindful of how many you are picking. Rosehips are…

  • How to balance your mood and emotions during PMS
    Herbal Remedies,  Mind & Body

    How to balance your PMS mood & emotions

    Your hormones have a powerful effect on your emotions. Low oestrogen (or low oestrogen levels compared to progesterone) can lead to depression in women — and is the main culprit when it comes to postpartum depression. At the same time low progesterone levels can also have a negative effect and cause many of your mood & emotion related issues. As…

  • Herbal Remedies

    How to Balance your hormones naturally

    Welcome to part 2 of this mini-series on your moon cycle and using herbal & natural remedies to cure all your problem symptoms. This post is covering everything you need to know about how to balance your hormones naturally. If you missed part one on managing period pain you can read that here: Natural remedies for period pain Female hormones…

  • Natural remedies for period pain herbal tea
    Herbal Remedies,  Mind & Body

    Natural remedies for period pain

    There are many elements contributing to a woman’s monthly moon cycle that can make it uncomfortable. Most of these are caused by an imbalance of hormones. Over the next few weeks I will be writing a mini-series covering all things period & PMT. But here I will cover all the natural remedies for period pain, to make your monthly cycle…