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The Spring Eqinox & Supermoon | 2019

Happy Spring Equinox to you!

Today marks the vernal equinox, which occurs at exactly 21:58 GMT this evening. The day when day and night are almost equal in length. In the Northern hemisphere this marks the first day of Spring, and the journey back towards the sun. From now until midsummer the days will be longer and lighter, the temperature will (hopefully) get hotter, and the land will turn green as things begin to grow and flourish again.

In the Southern Hemisphere it will of course be the opposite, as they move towards the darker winter months – another lovely example of the beautiful balance in nature.

Today also marks the start of the Astrological New Year. In astrology Aries season represents the start of the New Year, so if you’ve been feeling like your year hasn’t fully started yet, this might be why! Get ready for a burst of productivity and creative energy as we step into the season of fiery Aries..

Aries = Motivation!

. . .

Not only do we have these exciting new beginnings, but there is also a Full Supermoon tonight (or the early hours of Thursday morning – the Full moon occurs at 1:43 am). This will be the first time there is a Supermoon coinciding with the Equinox in many decades!

Spring Equinox & Supermoon

The March full moon is known as the Worm, Sap, or Crow moon. Named as such because it is the time when worms begin returning to the surface, sap starts to rise in the trees as they awaken, and the cawing of crows signals the fading of Winter.

This is also a Full Moon in Libra, the sign of balance and relationships.

Full moons also bring endings. It is a time each month to cast off what no longer serves you and your highest potential. To let go of thoughts and feelings and create physical and mental space for new ideas and new beginnings to thrive. As this full moon is in Libra you will be looking at relationships in particular, relationships with others and most importantly your relationship with yourself… After all your relationship with yourself is the mirror and foundation for all other relationships in your life.

If you feel inclined journal your full moon cleanse, or perform a simple ritual to bring you into the new Astrological year. Clear out the old and make space for new vibrations. Even write out some resolutions as you would on the first of January.


If you are like me you will enjoy geeking out on the stuff! Seeing how Astrology, Astronomy, and Nature collide and the effects it has on us and the planet is fascinating to me. I hope you found this interesting too!

Wish you an energy filled and prosperous Spring Equinox, Astro New Year, Full Moon 😉

Emily xo

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