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Summer Essential Oils

As it was essential oil awareness week last week I thought it would be a good time to share some of my favourite essential oils for you to use through the summer; whether that’s to cool you down, soothe sun burnt skin, or treat those pesky bites these are the perfect Summer essential oils… I have also included some summer essential oil mixes, beautiful combinations of oils that are my go to instead of perfumes, and invoke that summer feeling.

Essential oils are a beautiful way to include natural scents into your daily skincare routine, and add an extra level of health and care when it comes to healing your body. They work for your mind, body, soul, and emotional well being, and are one of the few substances that can heal by being absorbed through your skin and straight into your blood stream.

Using Essential Oils

Yes, your body will absorb essential oils into your blood stream! For this reason it is important to make sure you use the highest quality oils and that they come from a certified supplier. This is the best way to make doubly sure that you aren’t letting any pesticides, synthetic chemicals or toxins into your body and onto your skin.

As with all healing remedies, treat essential oils with the respect and reverence they deserve. A Kilogram of plant goes into making ml of oil. Because they are SO concentrated you should never use essential oil directly onto your skin. Always spot test an oil first before using, and mix your essential oil with a carrier oil before applying to your skin.


Summer Essential Oils

Essential oils that are ‘essential’ for your summer, plus a little bit on their uses and properties:


Ginger is a lovely warming oil. Because it is warming it is good for your muscles and joints, it can relieve muscular aches and pains as well as sprains and strains.

Ginger is most well-known as a digestion aid. In oil form its scent can be used to relieve indigestion. For the summer situations when you are enjoying yourself experiencing all those new foods on holiday and eat too much, or get a bit too excited at the family bbq!

It is also great for relieving travel sickness if you get sick on flights or on long car journeys.

Ginger will also help relieve catarrh and congestion that comes with hay fever if you suffer from summer allergies.

It can also be mixed with lemon and a carrier oil and used to massage your whole body to aid lymph drainage and remove toxins.

Mix ginger and mint oils to ease indigestion, nausea and sickness


Lemon is one of those oils that is both uplifting and calming. It has a lovely fresh, citrus scent which alone can evoke a summer mood and lighten your spirit.

Lemon oil is brilliant for brightening skin. Add a few drops to your normal skin oil and apply before bed, lemon will also help relive symptoms of acne and congested skin of that is something you suffer with. It’s also another oil that is good to treat insect bites and cuts..

I’m not to mention is that citrus is a mosquito deterrent! Bugs and mosquitoes do not like anything citrus so mixing a few drops of lemon essential oil with your suncream is a great way to keep the mosquitoes at bay through the day, or add to your favourite moisturising oil and apply for protection through the night while you sleep.

Lemon oil can also help with those annoying summer allergies. It will work to clear your sinuses and relieve the congestion that comes with allergic reactions.

Summer essential oils lemmons

This is one of my favourite oils and I wear it most days, mostly because I love the smell. I mix lemon, frankincense and either grapefruit or orange for a fresh scent with a bit of depth.

Mix lemon oil with bergamot and eucalyptus to treat insect bites AND act as insect repellent


Chamomile has a warm, sweet, fruity scent. It acts as a sedative, and is good for calming the nerves or helping you sleep.

It is also good for soothing sensitive skin, burns, insect bites, rashes, and inflamed skin. You can use chamomile mixed with something like aloe vera or lavender oil in a coconut oil base to rub on your skin and relieve sunburn, insect bites and heat rashes or skin that is irritated by the sun.

The scent of chamomile is also good for you to inhale to calm your nerves, soothe you to sleep or help calm yours and your family’s nerves for flights or long travels. It is also very gentle and can even be used for children.

Mix chamomile with lavender and rosewood oils to soothe your dry, sensitive skin.


Fresh. Crisp. Refreshing. Eucalyptus is a cooling oil and an anti-inflammatory.

Although most people would reach for eucalyptus during winter months to help with decongestion and symptoms from colds and flu, eucalyptus is also a wonderful oil to use in the summer too.

It is cooling, cleansing, and healing making it a good oil to use to treat your sunburnt skin, cuts and scrapes, as well as blisters, heat rashes, and bites.

Because of its cooling properties eucalyptus is a good choice to relieve pressure headaches you may get on hot days, or if you’ve had too much sun. It will also relieve the congestion from summer allergies and hay fever too!

Massage a couple of drops of eucalyptus oil your temples and wrists to cool you down, relieve pressure in your head and sinuses and help you breathe and revive your senses.

Mix eucalyptus oil with juniper and yarrow oils to cleanse wounds, stop bleeding and speed up the healing process


Grapefruit is another citrus oil that I love! It is fresh and sweet to smell. It is the oil you can use to treat congested, oily skin, to help tone your skin. As well as using to promote hair growth if you want to grow your hair.

You can use grapefruit oil as a body oil, particularly for rubbing on your legs. It works to reduce cellulite and tone the skin there too. But is particularly useful if, like me, you suffer with water retention and swollen legs after a flight. Rub grapefruit oil mixed with almond or sesame oil onto your legs before your flight to reduce the stiffness and water retention during travel.

For added benefits mix with a warming oil such as black pepper to increase circulation and keep blood moving quickly and freely round your veins when you are sat in one position for a long time.

Grapefruit oil is also good to have around to help you revive. Add a few drops mixed with orange or eucalyptus to your bathwater on a morning to wake you up and start the day refreshed. It is also lovely to use as a scent instead of perfume.


Rose oil is gently and nurturing. As you would expect it has a rich rose scent, a sweet and honey-like fragrance. The rose is associated with the heart, and rose oil is therefore a lovely healing and calming oil to help heal matters of the heart.

Oil of rose promotes an overall feeling of well being and happiness, it can help to gently lift depression sadness, and nervous tension. Its a good choice if you are feeling home-sick. It also acts as a mild sedative to help you drift off to sleep or help if you are nervous or feeling agitated.

Summer essential oils roses

But not only that, it is a lovely oil to use for your skin too. Use rose oil as part of your skin care routine to relive dry skin and soothe sensitive skin. Especially skin that has been out in the sun too long.

Rose is definitely a summer scent. If you like more floral perfumes this would be a good choice to wear as a scent instead of a synthetic perfume.

Mix rose oil with chamomile and clary sage to soothe irritated and inflamed skin


Similar to rose, but of a different family, rosewood has a more woody, slightly spicy scent in comparison. But still has that beautiful light floral undertone. It is the perfect oil for summer evenings.

Rosewood is a very mild oil and one that is safe to use for the whole family. It is a calming oil and you can use it to help relive headaches, nausea, stress and nervous tension.

Rosewood is also a wonderful oil to use for your skin. It will help treat sensitive and dry skin, as well as combination and oily skin.

Add a few drops of rosewood oil, lavender, chamomile and peppermint oil to your bath on an evening to relieve all stress and tension, relieve migraine, and help you sleep


Frankincense is a rich, warm oil that has been used for centuries for healing and beautifying. It will help skin to heal and can help prevent spots as well as improving your skin tone, elasticity, reduce scars and wrinkles, and heal dry or cracked skin.

You can use frankincense oil to rub on your feet to help treat cracked heels ready for wearing those summer sandals.

It is also a wonderful oil to use for reliving pain including headaches and migraines, period cramps, and muscle pain. Mix with a carrier oil and massage onto the affected area for relief.

Summer essential oils frankinscense

The scent of frankincense will also help relieve you of any anxiety, nausea, and fatigue. As well as help balancing your mood – always handy when travelling and everyone can get a little cranky!

Not only that, it’s scent also acts as a mild sedative, helping you to relax and help you naturally fall asleep.

The scent of frankincense can also help you relieve the catarrh and inflammation caused by allergies too!

Mix frankincense with eucalyptus, sandalwood and ravensara oils for a blunt to treat allergies and relieve blocked, runny, itchy noses and sneezing


Summer Essential Oil Recipes

And now for the fun part! How to turn these summer essential oils into your own scent. If, like me, you find the scent of commercial perfumes too strong and overwhelming, or you are just looking for a more natural and body/planet friendly way to use scent this is for you.

In the case of essential oils for scent always remember less is more. Think of how much of these precious plants have gone into making a few drops of oil, so you don’t need a huge amount to get a lot of scent. Again ALWAYS test the oils with your skin before you start to use them to make sure you won’t have an adverse reaction.

For each of these recipe mixes use a base of your favourite carrier oil – almond, apricot or jojoba would be my personal choices.

Half fill your bottle with the carrier oil. Add the essential oils as per the recipe. Shake to mix. Dab a few drops of your oil mix onto your wrists, rub together to mix then dab wherever you’d like to wear your scent. Then wait a minute or two for the oils to absorb.

Country Garden



Lemon grass

Sweet Orange



By The Beach





Summer Nights




Ylang Ylang

Black Pepper



Under The Trees






Fruit Picking



Sweet Orange




Always mix and store your summer essential oils in brown glass bottles that you can seal and make air tight. These are my personal favourites, but you can reuse an empty essential oil bottle if you already have one. These are the best bottles as essential oils are sensitive to light and air and can quickly loose their properties if not stored correctly.

Keep your bottles in a cool dry place away from direct sunlight too.

I would love to hear if you make any of these mixes, and what you think of them. Enjoy!

Emily xo

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