Rosehip Benefits
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Rosehip Benefits

Rosehips are surrounding the hedgerows this time of year. If you’d like to pick them and aren’t sure how you can read up Autumn Foraging Guide | Wild Roots & Fruits for some foraging tips. The birds and wild animals like eating these sweet berries too, so don’t forget to be mindful of how many you are picking.

Rosehips are full of vitamin C as well as bioflavonoids, vitamin E, and a few other compounds that are good for you. The rosehip benefits are many and varied.

Healing Rosehip Benefits

The contents of rosehips mean that it has a lot of healing properties for you any your body, especially during the autumn and winters seasons.

As with everything in nature Mother Nature is very clever, and everything has its season for a reason. The things that grow naturally in each season of the year contain all of the vitamins and essential nutrients your body needs at that time to be health and strong!

So what are Rosehip benefits? What can you use Rosehips for?

Cold & flu

Rose hips are rich in both bioflavonoids and vitamin C. The bioflavonoids are necessary to enable your body to absorb and use vitamin C effectively, and vitamin C itself is key in helping your immune system fight off germs and toxins.

To help treat a cold start taking about 2 g of rosehip syrup as soon as the first signs/symptoms appear. Keep taking the same dosage daily until a few days after your cold clears.

Rosehip benefits

Debility & Exhaustion

A traditional remedy often used as a spring tonic. You can use a Rosehip tonic or tea etc. to aid in general debility and exhaustion — which can often come after the dark and cold winter months. Make a tincture of cleavers, rosehips and nettle to give you a fresh start in the spring.

Or just use Rosehips on their own as a natural energy boost for your body, and a little boost to your immune system.

Vitamin C has also been shown to to help with boosting your mood and lower anxiety.

Digestive health & Constipation

Rosehips are rich in pectin’s. These act as a prebiotic and an indigestible fibre that your gut uses to to increase healthy bacteria, and subsequently your gut health. As well as aid digestion and enhance the absorption of valuable vitamins.

Pectins are also a mild laxative. If you suffer with any blockages when it comes to your digestion drinking a Rosehip tea or drizzling a few teaspoons of Rosehip syrup on your breakfast is a wonderfully delicious and simple way to free up your bowel movements within a few hours.

Rosehip Benefits

Rosehip Benefits

Oxidative damage & inflammation

Oxidative damage is caused by free radicals, pollution, and all the toxins in our environments. This happens both internally and externally and can cause inflammation throughout your body.

Increasing your intake of vitamin C has been shown to reduce inflammation in athletes. This means you can improve your performance during exercise, as well as speed up your post exercise recovery.

The repair of oxidative damage also effects your skin. Air pollution and UV rays damage your skin, as well as your cells & organs. Oxidative damage within your body affects cells and tissues, and can lead to serious health conditions and chronic diseases such as arthritis, cancer, and diabetes.


The vitamin C you find in Rosehips has been shown to help your body to absorb other key vitamins, minerals and nutrients. This is why it is always better to get everything your body needs from your food rather that taking isolated vitamin supplements.

Increasing your vitamin C intake will help your body to:

– increase your absorption of vitamin E which you needed to fight oxidative damage, free radicals and the stress these cause

– increase calcium absorption through your digestive system to improve bone health and bone mass density

– enhance your absorption of non-heme Iron. This is particularly important if you are vegetarian or vegan. Non-heme iron is the iron that comes from plant-based sources, not meat.

Helping your body to absorb more Iron reduces your risk of anaemia, exhaustion, and mental fatigue. As well as the many symptoms that come with anaemia.

Tissue repair & growth

One of the most significant benefits of Rosehips and their high vitamin C content is an ability to aid with wound healing, tissue repair, and the growth of tissue.

Vitamin C is used by your body in the creation of proteins which help to make new skin and blood vessels, as well as absorbic acid – the first thing your body needs to produce when you get a wound, cut or damage your skin.

Your body also needs vitamin C to create new skin and scar tissue to heal wounds. Both internally and externally.


Healthy Skin

Vitamin C is good for your skin. It has become a common ingredient in many skincare products nowadays and while using Vitamin C on your skin externally will help improve your skin tone, firmness, brighten your skin, and help reduce signs of wrinkles. You can also use Vitamin C to help with keeping your skin healthy from the inside too. A double-whammy you may say!

Your body uses Vitamin C to produce collagen. Which is how your skin stays plump and firm. Collagen naturally decreases as you age, so upping your Vitamin C intake can help increase collagen.

For bright glowing skin you can drink Rosehip tea or take a spoonful of Rosehip syrup 2-3 times a day.

Rosehip syrup recipe

And finally: If you would like to make your own simple and refined sugar free Rosehip syrup you can use my Rosehip Syrup Recipe. This is my favourite way to include rosehips in your diet and get all the rosehip benefits daily.



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