natural remedies for summer health and beauty
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Natural/Holistic remedies for summer health & beauty

Each season has its own share of skin, beauty and health woes. As we all know!  Whether you are going abroad or staying at home, these are the natural products and plant based holistic remedies for summer health & beauty. Things to take with you to get you through the summer.

Think of it as your go-to summer first aid kit. (Or something like that!). But after suffering with sunburn along my hairline, and a few bug bites of my own this month I thought some natural & holistic plant remedies for summer would be useful.

If it’s popular I may even make this kind of post a seasonal feature with products & remedies relevant to each seasons health and beauty woes. What do you think? Let me know in the comments!

natural remedies for summer health and beauty

Coconut oil

Number one on the list is definitely coconut oil. It’s so versatile it can be used for almost anything. For cooking, as moisturiser, face cleanser & makeup remover, you can turn it into a face & body scrub (see my previous post here), it is antibacterial so can be used on minor scrapes and cuts, add a drop of peppermint and you can use it for toothpaste, AND more importantly in summer it is cooling and soothing so is great for sunburn.

I rubbed some coconut oil onto my burnt scalp on an evening and it not only stopped it itching overnight (and we all know how uncomfortable that can be!) but it relieved that horrible flaky peeling post sunburn too.

I would recommend this for an overnight though as the coconut oil can make your hair look a little greasy.

Having said that, hair is the other thing coconut oil is wonderful for. It makes a perfect summer hair mask.

Rub some coconut oil into your hair, especially over dry ends or sun damaged hair, and leave for 20 minuets or so before washing. Once your done you will have super soft, shiny, moisturised locks.

natural remedies for summer health and beauty

Lavender oil

Lavender is great for soothing nerves, and anxiety or just making you feel a little more relaxed. Not only is it good for helping you sleep (whether that on a plane or long journey), but it can also be handy to have in your bag or carry on to help relieve the general tension and fraught nerves that comes with travelling.

Rub on your wrists, temples, and back of your neck to get relief during the day, or dab on your pillow and the back of your next before bed to help you sleep. You can add a few drops of oil to your bath too.

Lavender oil can also be used for cleansing cuts and scrapes and calming other skin irritations. Put a drop or two of lavender oil onto stings and insect bites to stop itching and reduce swelling – so it’s good to take on holiday in case of mosquito bites.

You can rub lavender oil into chapped or sunburnt lips to moisturise and relieve tightness.

You can even put a couple of drops of lavender oil onto your tongue and behind your ears to help relieve travel/motion sickness.

natural remedies for summer health and beauty


Eucalyptus oil is great to help relieve blocked and stuffy noses or sinuses if you suffer from summer allergies. It’s also another oil that can be used to heal cuts, wounds, burns, and cold sores. It’s a potent antiseptic and stops open wounds becoming infected.

Eucalyptus is also good to use as an insect repellent. Dab a few drops onto your pulse points during the day, or onto your pillow and bedding at night.

You can add eucalyptus to some water and make into a spray to use around the house, or your hotel room to keep the mosquitos away.


Chamomile oil is great for all sorts of things. It is an anti inflammatory so can be used for bites, stings, skin allergic reactions.

Chamomile can also be taken as a tea to help relieve headaches, nausea, to help you relax, and relieve digestive upsets (which are often more likely to happen when you’re away on holiday and out of your usual routine).

The tea can even be drunk after too much sun or a heavy night to help you rehydrate.

natural remedies for summer health and beauty

Milk thistle

Milk thistle is very good for helping your liver function. Take it if you are planning a big night out or an indulgent holiday. If you are taking it for an evening drinking, take 1-2 capsules before the start of your night, and then 2 capsules after.

Milk thistle can also be taken to help relieve digestion and PMS so it’s definitely worth taking some of these away with you. You can take 2 capsules twice a day for these symptoms.

St. Johns Wart

St. John’s wart is a red oil that is good to use for bruises burns and sunburn. Add some drops of St. John’s to a carrier oil like almond oil (that is soothing and moisturising), to use as an aftersun. Even better if you can add some aloe vera.

You can also use the oil for backaches and stiff legs after long journeys.

In capsule form St. John’s wart is good for the nerves and can be taken to relieve the symptoms of stress & anxiety (and depression). They may be helpful to take before long journeys or flights if you aren’t a good traveller.

natural remedies for summer health and beauty

Add to or take away as you please, and as always do what works best for you and YOUR body. But these will definitely all be on my packing list for my travels this summer!

Emily xo

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