Tips on how to quiet an anxious mind
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How to quiet an anxious mind

Whether anxiety and depression are becoming a lot more common thanks to social media, comparison complex and people feeling like they need to do all the things, or it’s just that people are more open in talking about their problems.. they are two big and scary topics.

Although I don’t have full blown anxiety attacks myself, during my time with my chronic illness I have definitely dealt with bouts of depression, and moments [*read days] of feeling anxious and like things aren’t in my control. It can be a scary and confusing thing. A state you often don’t realise you entered until you are in the think of it!

Today I’m sharing all of the little things, the coping mechanisms I’ve built up over the last few years.

Tips on how to quiet an anxious mind

Tips : How to quiet an anxious mind

They may look like small things but they help me quite an anxious mind, as well as get a bit of perspective and clarity in difficult times.


Sit crossed legged on the floor (this is the position that works best for me). Imagine tree roots growing out from your tail bone and root chakra into the ground.

Then imagine the Earths energy flowing up through your root chakra and up the rest of your chakras from root to crown. Feel it’s healing and calming energy. If it helps imagine the energy as an earthy amber brown.


Sometimes, when we are dealing with an unwanted emotion, or one we are trying to suppress, we tend to hold our breath.

If you start feeling the anxiety feeling starting to creep up on you. Stop. Take a breath.

There are a couple of breathing exercises I use that you can try….

1. This is an exercise you can do anywhere. When you get anxious or start feeling panicked take a deep breath for the count of two. Hold it for three counts, and then breath out for 6 counts.

Our breath tends to speed up when you feel panicked, this will slow your breath down, reduce the amount of adrenaline your body is producing and help you calm down.

Tips on how to quiet an anxious mind

2. The second exercise is probably one for home. Sit crossed legged somewhere you are comfortable, with your hands in a prayer position at your chest.

Take a deep breath in. Breathe out in four deep puffs and imagine all the dis-ease, negativity and badness leaving you as black clouds. Keep going until you can’t breath out anymore.

Then take four breaths in imagining a cleansing silver golden light filling you up from your toes to the top of your head..

Repeat this a couple of times with your eyes shut. On the last in breath raise your hands above your head with your palms still together.

Imagine your fingertips touching the sun and it’s warm golden energy filling up the palms of your hands.

Breath out and bring your hands back to your chest. Imagine that golden light and energy filling your whole body and pushing out around your aura to form a golden bubble around you.

Tips on how to quiet an anxious mind


Focusing on something solid and real is a good way to centre your mind and come back to the present moment.

I found that having a few drops of my favourite essential oil dabbed onto my wrists really helps me on bad days. When you start to feel a little overwhelmed or like the anxiety is starting take a few breaths of the scent on your wrists.

Choosing an essential oil that is calming or uplifting is a bonus too. Such as Lemon, lavender, rosemary, or any citrus oil.


Often times getting the feeling out is the release you need to calm the anxiety and storm of emotions. If there isn’t a person you trust to talk things out with writing everything out really helps.

Even if it’s a jumble of words and sentences, it doesn’t have to make sense. You are the only one who will see it.. think of it more as a brain dump. A place to release everything mental and emotional that you are keeping inside.

It’s a practice I find very cathartic, and one I would recommend doing often to get into the practice of it, even when you are feeling calm.

Tips on how to quiet an anxious mind

Consistent self-care

Of all the things you can do, being consistent with practicing self care is THE most important. By self-care I don’t just mean hot bubble baths, face masks and ice cream…

While all these things and a bit of pampering is always good for you. Self-care is your mental, spiritual, and emotional wellbeing. Not just the physical.

Take time to work out what sort of morning routine works best for you and sets you up for a day, functioning at your best. Find out when you are your most productive, and when you need to take a break.

Fit meditation into your day. Take time to exercise and do things that fuel your creativity and happiness. Each day wake up tell yourself it’s going to be a good day.

Listen to your emotions and be ok with not being ok.

If you practice all these things each day and make sure you fill your cup up. If you have a full cup, you are more able to deal with the difficult times. It sets you up to better handle the tough things better than if you were run down, exhausted and worn out.

So there you have it. Those are the things that I try work on each and every day…. I hope if you try them they work for you too.

Emily xo

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