How to balance your mood and emotions during PMS
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How to balance your PMS mood & emotions

Your hormones have a powerful effect on your emotions. Low oestrogen (or low oestrogen levels compared to progesterone) can lead to depression in women — and is the main culprit when it comes to postpartum depression. At the same time low progesterone levels can also have a negative effect and cause many of your mood & emotion related issues. As well as balancing your hormones, which we covered in last weeks post: How to Balance your hormones naturally, knowing how to balance your PMS mood & emotions during and leading up to your period can work wonders to help you feel happier with your moon cycle and minimise any PMS symptoms you may be suffering from.

How to balance your mood & emotions with natural remedies

As well as the plethora of physical symptoms we can all suffer as part of our PMS symptoms emotional symptoms can often be the most disrupting and difficult to manage. And when these symptoms can begin anything up to two weeks before your period due date, it’s no big surprise that no-one enjoys their moon cycle!

From crying to depression, anger, irritability, mood swings, and anxiety emotional PMS can leave your head spinning. Every woman’s symptoms are different, so dealing with your own symptoms is your own personal journey.

But there are an abundance of natural remedies available to deal with the causes and symptoms of PMS. 

All of the remedies below will help you heal ALL your symptoms, whatever they are.

Of course the first step is to look at your lifestyle before you start taking any herbs; simply heating a high-complex-carbohydrate, low fat diet; eliminating sugar, caffeine, and toxins. Plus exercising regularly and getting lots of sleep and managing your stress levels can go a long way to managing your symptoms.

– Eating a processed diet with a high intake of sugar and other refined carbohydrates can often be partly to blame, as these can cause a calcium and magnesium deficiency. If you replace refined carbohydrates with wholesome complex carbohydrates such as grains, lagoons, vegetables, and fruits it may work towards making you feel better.

– A magnesium deficiency may be the reason you suffer from chocolate cravings (as chocolate is high in magnesium), but ironically chocolate can worsen your symptoms. If you need to eat chocolate opt for cacao or a high level coco content, unsweetened cocoa powder in yoghurt, or in a blended drink with a sprinkle of chilli powder.

– Trying  to add practices such as meditation and mindfulness techniques in your everyday routine can help you to manage feelings and emotions that come up in a relaxed and controlled way every day as well as during your PMS.

Once you have covered healing through healthy diet and exercise then you can step into some of these remedies below:


Chasteberry can relieve many of the immediate symptoms of PMS, particularly depression, anxiety, moodiness, and sleeplessness. As with all herbal remedies it can take a little while for these to get into your system and work. But you may see improvements from 1-2 months of taking your herbs.

Chasteberry works by increasing your bodies progesterone production. It is a low progesterone-to-oestrogen ratio which is responsible for many PMS symptoms, especially the emotional and mood related ones! An increase in progesterone, relative to your oestrogen levels, will relieve many of those symptoms.

The added benefits of chased Berry is that it works as a sedative and antispasmodic to. This means it will also work to cure any cramping and discomfort you suffer from, as well as helping you relax and sleep on a night.

By balancing your progesterone-to-oestrogen ratio you will also relieve other physical symptoms such as breast tenderness.

How to balance your mood and emotions during PMS

It can take six months to a year to see long-term permanent changes –permanent changes that will give you improvements even after you stop taking the herb.

A dose of 50 – 400mg can be taken daily depending on what method you choose. A supplement or tablet form is often the easiest.

Wild yam, Blue cohosh, & Fo-ti root

A combination of these three herbs are great for a wide range of PMS symptoms. The combination of these particular remedies is good because it has both short-term and long-term action. Initially Blue cohosh treat symptoms such as moodiness and bloating. The wild yam and Fo-ti are long-term remedies that work to stabilise your hormone levels month after month. So you should find that you need less and less to achieve relief as the months go on.

Within a year or so you may find that your body is maintaining hormonal balance well enough on it’s own to experience few or no symptoms when you stop taking this combination of herbs.

You can start to take them as soon as you begin to feel your premenstrual symptoms start, and gradually increase your dose.

Celery root

Celery root is an excellent relaxant and can be used in large quantities; you can drink up to a pint of celery juice a day during your PMS time.

It works to relieve symptoms of irritability and anger if these are something you suffer from as part of your PMS.


Pasqueflower is a nerve relaxing remedy you can use it for nervous tension in relation to your PMS, as well as any headaches you may suffer from.

Because it is a relaxant it will also help you with any insomnia and those feelings of an over-active brain, as well as helping to relieve any cramps, spasms, or pain you have and relieve water retention.

If you know that you have a tendency towards water retention 1-2 weeks or so before your period start to take pasqueflower a day or two before you usually start with those symptoms to ensure minimum discomfort.

You can also combine dandelion root & pasqueflower together for the same symptoms. You can take 1-4g of the dried herb daily.

How to balance your mood and emotions during PMS

Skullcap & Valerian

Both Skullcap and Valerian are nerve relaxants. You can use both of these herbs short-term very effectively to ease PMS. However to really solve the problem, it is your hormonal imbalance that needs to be treated, which is where the remedies above should be used.

Skullcap works to relax any nervous tension you may have, whilst at the same time leaving you feeling renewed and revived. It works with your central nervous system to help relieve any exhaustion or depression.

Valerian is also a nerve relaxant and sedative. It’s a go-to remedy to reduce tension and anxiety, over excitability, and aid in insomnia producing a natural and healing sleep. It is also an anti-spasmodic and will work to relieve any period cramps or pain you may suffer from.

The quantities of these remedies will be dictated by the supplement you choose to take. You can find both in your local health food store.

How to balance your PMS mood & emotions with essential oils

As well as herbal remedies you can also use essential oils for your symptoms allowing you to work from the inside and outside at the same time to balance your mood & emotions during PMS.

A combination of oils made into unique blends to suit your personal PMS symptoms can help to treat a number of emotional issues that come with PMS in your cycle. Below are a few blends you can use.

When making blends you can use oils in equal measure, or innumerable ratios to suit the scent you prefer. You can also use the oils singly if you prefer.

Always mix an oil blend with a base oil to prevent any skin reactions.

You can use these oils blends in your baths, as a body oil, to rub over your abdomen, or to carry with you and dab on your pulse points throughout the day.

Violent/Aggressive symptoms

Oils you can use:

Narcissis . Jonquil . Nutmeg . Bergamot . Geranium . Parsley . Palma rosa .

Oil blend – 10 drops of each

Palma Rosa



How to balance your mood and emotions during PMS

Weeping/Depression symptoms

Oils you can use:

Rose bulgar . Rose Marco . Clary sage . Bergamot . Geranium . Nutmeg .

Oil blend

Rose (any) – 9 drops

Clary sage – 12 drops

Bergamot – 9 drops

Irritable/Disagreeable symptoms

Oils you can use:

Jonquil . Nutmeg . Bergamot . Geranium . Clary sage . Roman Chamomile .

Oil blend

Nutmeg – 10 drops

Bergamot – 15 drops

Geranium – 5 drops

Apathetic/Tired/Listless symptoms

Oils you can use:

Parsley . Bergamot . Geranium . Clary sage . Roman Chamomile . Grapefruit . Fennel .

Oil blend

Clary sage – 10 drops

Grapefruit – 18 drops

Jonquil – 2 drops

The oils in each of these mixes will address the imbalance & extremes of the emotions you can encounter during PMS and help you to bring them back to normal.


I would recommend you use a combination of herbal remedies and essential oils to complement each other to manage and eventually reduce your symptoms. They may not work straight away, but give your body a few months to adjust and you will gradually learn how to balance your PMS moods & emotions for good!

xo Emily

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