How the moon phases can affect your sleep
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How the moon can affect your sleep

You know the moons gravity affects the pull of the tides, but do you know how the moon can affect your sleep too? When our bodies are made up mostly of water that shouldn’t really be such a surprise.

I have struggled for a long time with my sleep patterns, I will sleep deeply and soundly for a few weeks and then for seemingly no reason I would struggle to sleep at all for days. This pattern kept repeating itself, and I finally worked out why.


How the moon affects you

Those of us who are sensitive and in tune with things, and perhaps more prone to overthinking or deep thoughts probably feel the effects of the moons phases more than most. Especially at the full and new moons.

There is scientific evidence to show that our sleep patterns and sleep quality drop across the days of the full moon, but spiritually the new moon and full moon are when the moon has the highest effect on us mentally. And by mentally I mean our feelings, emotions, and desires.

How the moon phases can affect your sleep

You may find that you are more restless, find it harder to fall asleep, and stay asleep over a full moon and new moon. Perhaps even feel more melancholy and reflective.

The effects of the moons phases can start a few days before the full or new moon, and even last a few days after.

Try noting in your diary or journal over the next month(s) the nights when you have slept well or been restless and wake up feeling exhausted and correlate them with the moon to see if it’s affecting you.

What to do if the moon phases affect your sleep

If like me, you are one of the people that have trouble sleeping during the full moon and new moon phases there are the obvious things you can do:

-use lavender oil

-go to bed earlier

-meditate before bed

-drink a relaxing chamomile tea

-take a herbal sleep aid or supplement high in serotonin and zinc

But these are all physical things. More important than these is you need to work on your mind, your mindset, and your emotions. As this is what the moon effects the most.

In holistic and spiritual circles the New Moon is a time for setting intentions, and the Full Moon is a time of cleansing. Each of the moons phases has a different energy, a different effect, and can be used to either rest and reflect or take action and move forward.

You can see each of these phases below:

How the moon phases can affect your sleep

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If you start cleansing and setting intentions and doing this with each full and new moon respectively you will be surprised at the difference it makes. This is the practice that helped me to hugely improve my sleep patterns, and that I now do religiously.

New Moon & Full Moon rituals

The practice itself can be something as simple as having a journal or diary where you write out and list your intentions, or what you are cleansing and removing. Or if you want, you can perform a simple ritual at the New Moon and full moon. It is whatever you feel most comfortable with, and what feels right to you.

I’m going to share my simple new and full moon practices with you so you have something to start with. If you are interested in trying a more intricate ritual I recommend this one by Brittany Carmichael.

New moon ritual

The new moon is all about setting your Intentions. Being clear about the things you want to achieve and invite into your life. New beginnings, new relationships, new adventures, even new habits or mindsets that you want to cultivate.

Take time at the new moon to turn inward and sit with your intuition and your heart. Reflect on what’s working for you right now and what isn’t, and where you see yourself in 6 months time (six months is usually the time frame given for your moon intentions to manifest).

Where do you want to grow, what do you want to manifest in your life?

Once you are clear on what you want your intentions to be, write them down. I have a beautiful journal that I save purely for my moon intention setting and cleansing.

You will often find that other thoughts and intentions will come to you as you start to write, and that’s ok too. Write out anything that feels good to you and resonates with.

One you have set your intentions you may choose to meditate with them for a few days. The new moon is a time for rest, so you are not expected to start producing miraculous life changes right away. But don’t just put your intentions away and forget about them. Have them somewhere you can see them daily as a reminder that will put you to action!

How the moons phases can affect your sleep

Full moon ritual

The full moon is a time of cleansing, renewing and releasing. Let go of the old. Get rid of anything that no longer serves you or doesn’t contribute to your highest good and your best self.┬áBe it old relationships, bad karma, negative people or energy, bad habits

What it is you want to leave behind? Release anything that is holding you back from achieving your goals and manifesting the life you want.

You have to choose to let it go. First be aware of the ‘problem’, then accept it as part of yourself, and finally do the work to let it go.

As you start writing these things in your journal you must be specific, and you must write in the positive tense:

For example: “I end all…”

“I cleanse myself of…..”

“I release all….”

You get the picture. The Universe does not recognise don’t or not’s, anything in the negative. Spend time to write out what feels good to you and resonates. What you feel you need to cleanse yourself of. If you need to spend time journaling or free journaling first that’s fine too.

Once you have completed your full moon ritual you can burn some sage or palo santo to cleanse your space and your energy. Meditate on what your cleansing means to you and imagine your life once you are cleared of the negative.

Again, don’t just put your journal away and forget about them. Keep them somewhere you can see them daily as a reminder to keep your actions, thoughts and intentions positive. A visual reminder that will put you in alignment with your highest good.


Keep working at it. Keep journaling and honing your new moon and full moon rituals to make them as personal to you as you need. And let me know how it goes. As always I would love to hear how you get on

Emily xo

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