Herbal tea recipies
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Herbal tea recipes to cure all your ailments

Whether it’s a cup first thing in the morning to prepare you for the day, numerous cups to break up the day, or a calming mug as part of your evening routine to get you read for bed. Tea has become a kind of ritual.

And with everyone having a very particular way they prefer their tea. It’s a very personal one at that..

The preparation, adding the water, holding that hot comforting mug in your hands. It’s also a kind of meditation. A few minutes of peace out of your normal day to day. You can make that cup of tea even better for you by using one, or many, of the simple herbal tea recipes below.

Herbal tea recipies

Tea remedies

Tea can be a medicine as well as a daily meditation, you can use any one of the recipes in this post to help with all kinds of minor ailments from period pains and headaches, to water retention, upset stomachs, and stress.


A simple peppermint tea can help to relieve the symptoms of irritable bowl syndrome. It’s menthol properties work to relax the digestive system and release discomfort.

1 tbsp fresh peppermint leaves

1 cup of hot water

Steep the leaves to the water for 5 minuets before drinking.

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Break up cinnamon, mix all ingredients in pan with water and bring to the boil.

Boil for approx 15min.

Add yarrow, meadowsweet flowers and milk. Heat through, strain into cup and add honey to taste.

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Storing your teas

You can source most of the ingredients from your local heal food stores, or find on your next foraging trip. To store your teas safely you should be keeping them in tea caddies or sealed, dry paper packaging (store the dry ingredients, & add any wet ingredients eg. honey when you make them). Don’t forget to label them too, so you can remember what they are for next time.

These beautiful coloured ingredients look amazing once dried and prepared, so they’d make lovely gifts for friends and family too.

If I’ve missed any ailment out that you were hoping to see. Let me know, and I can get you a tea recipe for that too!

Happy drinking, Emily xo

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