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Turn your rock bottom into your greatest healing

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Do you suffer from exhaustion and constant lack of energy?

Are you left feeling weak & depleted after the simplest of tasks?

Do you want to do nothing but sleep, but find it hard to fall & stay asleep?

Wake up tired and un-rested no matter how long you sleep?

Do you have trouble keeping up with a world that demands constant ‘hustle’?

Suffer from muscle & joint pain?


If you answered yes to all or most of these questions… 

Start healing your Fatigue & Adrenal burn out today!!

What You Get

Everything that come’s included in this book

Adrenal fatigue is a real & common problem in today’s world. Causing many of the symptoms above.

This book is the complete healing journey I took to heal my own M.E & adrenal fatigue.

It contains over 5 years of research, lessons learnt, healing practices, AND everything I know on nutrition, wellness, & natural remedies for ME & Chronic Illness.

This book is every step I took to heal myself broken down into manageable (and less overwhelming) sections.

Each section will guide you through an element of the healing process step by step and in detail. 

Also include in this book are a number of printable pages for you to use to help tracking all you are doing in your healing journey.

The Sections

Each section will guide you through an element of the healing

process step by step and in detail


Section One: Mind & Soul

Where we cover the inner work including   Accepting your new circumstances, meditation,  mindset, moving forwards and starting a gratitude practice


Section Two: Listen to Your Body

Learning why you should listen to your body and your intuition to heal and improve your health, as well as how to listen to your body & the signs of M.E flare-up’s


Section Three: Body

Where we cover your physical health and how to manage your energy

Including Pacing, Yoga, reintroducing exercise, Sleep, & dealing with muscle & joint Pain


Section Four: Nutrition

Your food and diet & your relationship with food. Why Nutrition is so important to healing. What you should be eating for M.E & Fatigue, Foods you need to cut out and avoid, as well as foods that will help Pain Relief, Energy, Sleep, IBS & more


Section Five: Supplements

All of the Natural supplements I have tried, tested, and used to heal my M.E & Chronic Fatigue. How to monitor whats working for you & how to get the most of your supplements.


Section Six: Appendix

Some extra resources from Me to You including a Food & Mood journal template for you to print and use. Easy to use Supplements summary. My Pain Relief Oil Blend AND My Sugar free & Healthy recipes…

Who Is This Book For...

This book is for you if you have seen Dr’s and Specialists, have gone down the conventional route, but are feeling frustrated, unheard, and like you are getting nowhere fast.

If you are sick of asking for a cure and hoping the next specialist or Dr. will be the one to help you, but instead are just given more drugs and pills to take to mask your symptoms & no one is helping you to deal with the root cause.

This Book is about going back to the beginning, starting from scratch and re-learning to listen to and heal your body. It is not a ‘three step miracle cure’ or a quick fix. 

It is a healing journey.

If you are willing to dedicate time & patience to heal this book is for you.

Through this book I will act as your guide, sharing all I have learnt from my own journey as I healed. But all the work is yours.

This book is for you if you are willing to give your all to your healing journey and are willing to put in the work.

If you are sick of being told you’re already doing everything right and this may be ‘as good as it gets’ – and trust me, I’ve been told that on more than one occasion(!). I am her to tell you not to give up. You CAN get better.

You just have to be patient and committed to your healing.


What to Expect

As I just eluded to, although this book contains all of the information you can use to heal, it is a journey, and often a long process, where the work and dedication must be all yours. 

As every human is unique so too are our bodies, and as no two humans are brought up with the exact same experiences, neither do any two humans every have the exact same digestion, metabolism, or genetic make-up.

This doesn’t mean that this process will not work for you, just that there is an element of experimentation and monitoring your responses. Being aware of how you are feeling each day, what works, what doesn’t etc.

Because of this keeping a ‘mood, food & physical’ journal is essential to record what you have done and eaten each day, how you felt, your energy, pain, and sleep levels and any other observations. As well as tracking supplements you are taking and your progress.

Sections of this book may be quick and easy for you, while others may take two to three months for you to ‘build up’ or to see results. 

Do not be disheartened if you don’t see immediate results!

Remember you are re-building yourself from scratch and starting again from a huge trauma. 

This is a journey to a new you!

"Learn to Pay Attention to Your Body & Soul

Healing isn’t just physical symptoms or your physical body.

You need to work on your Spiritual & Emotional body too!”

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