• How I stay grounded
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    Staying grounded | How I work to stay grounded

    If you don’t check in with yourself and how you’re feeling on a regular basis it’s easy to get lost in our busy lives and everything going on. Staying grounded is especially important if you are a sensitive person that picks up on others emotions and energies, and the environment around you. For myself, as a creative person and constant over thinker, it’s easy to get lost daydreaming, lost in my thoughts, instead of being present and in my body. Loosing the connection with your physical body means you start to lose touch with your gut instincts, your intuition, your digestive system and nervous system. You can become numb to…

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    Don’t take everyone else’s advice

    I know this might sound contradictory, as most of what I’m writing on here could be classed as ‘advice’. But just bear with me for a moment… When someone offers you advice for anything in life, as well meaning and helpful as they intend to be, the truth is we can only every offer advice from our own experiences and perspectives. Each of us views and experiences the world completely differently. We each have our own set of lenses, our own past experiences, different upbringings, different ways of thinking and feeling things. No one else in the world is you! Listen to your intuition So I guess what I’m actually…

  • what is perfection_mindfulness tips
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    What is perfection?

    What is perfect and when did we decide that it was something to strive for and only when we get there will we be truly happy?? Honestly, the more I learn and absorb and expand, the more I realise ‘perfect’ is a load of b.s!! No one is perfect. Ever. Life by definition is messy, and that’s just how it’s supposed to be. Without the messy less than perfect moments we wouldn’t be able to fully appreciate the times of happiness, joy and success. Just because an air brushed image of a person in a magazine looks like they are perfect in every way. It doesn’t mean that’s what the…

  • natural remedies for summer health and beauty
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    Natural/Holistic remedies for summer health & beauty

    Each season has its own share of skin, beauty and health woes. As we all know!  Whether you are going abroad or staying at home, these are the natural products and plant based holistic remedies for summer health & beauty. Things to take with you to get you through the summer. Think of it as your go-to summer first aid kit. (Or something like that!). But after suffering with sunburn along my hairline, and a few bug bites of my own this month I thought some natural & holistic plant remedies for summer would be useful. If it’s popular I may even make this kind of post a seasonal feature…

  • Life Lessons yoga has taught me
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    Life lessons Yoga has taught me

    If you hadn’t already worked it out by now; I Love Yoga! It is the perfect combination of movement, strength, flexibility, and breath that for me becomes a mindful and meditative practice. You don’t have to already be flexible to start, your flexibility grows with your practice. As does you peace of mind and inner calm. Something you can carry with you throughout the day. As well as being good for your body, yoga has taught me a lot of other things to take into my day-to-day life as well and I thought it might be something interesting to share. Life lessons yoga has taught me Yoga has taught me…

  • Everyday Mindfulness_Peonies
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    Everyday Mindfulness…

    I’m sure by now you have heard of mindfulness. It definitely seems to be having its moment in the spotlight – not necessarily a bad thing, as it means there’s plenty of information available for you. Personally, mindfulness is something I have been practising since I was diagnosed with my illness nearly 5 years ago. When you have a limited amount of energy to use you definitely have to think more about what you want to use that energy for. What you want to say yes and no to. But this practice, or life mindset applies whether you have an illness or not. What is Mindfulness In essence mindfulness is…

  • 11 all natural power booster _ herbal tea
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    11 ALL Natural energy boosters

    Whether mentally or physically, there are times when we can all get run down, exhausted and fatigued, or just unable to think straight anymore. As humans we are all guilty of doing more than we have energy for sometimes, and pushing our limits. Instead of reaching for that sugary energy drink that will just make you crash again an hour later, or (another!) cup of coffee that will keep you up or night try a natural energy booster instead.   A quick energy boost Here I have listed my favourite essential oils for a quick energy boost and pick-me-up at any time of the day. You can mix your favourite…

  • Seasons cycles and picking yourself up again_Woodland scenery
    Mind & Body

    Seasons, cycles, & picking yourself up again

    More and more I find my energy and concentration moves in cycles. No matter how much I plan, make to-do lists, and give myself pep talks there are times I just don’t have the get up and go. Even knowing I only have a limited energy supply to begin with, and the reason behind it. I’m only human. I still beat myself up about it. Constantly. The cycles & seasons But the more seasons I spend with this ‘new’ life of mine and finding ways to cope, adapt, and still flourish. I find myself thinking that sometimes it just isn’t worth the energy spent feeling bad about not writing that…

  • Simple tips to improve your day
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    10 simple ways to improve your day

    Its so easy to get wrapped up in life. The next thing you have to do, the next place you have to be, or that thing that happened earlier that is still bugging you. We can all be guilty of the days passing, blurring one into the next without you realising or really noticing whats going on around you. We all need to take a moment to step off the hamster wheel and appreciate life a little bit more and be present in our days. 10 simple ways to improve your day There are hundreds of small things you can start to do that draw you into the present and…