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    Autumn Foraging Guide | Wild Roots & Fruits

    Welcome to Autumn! It feels like this year nature took notice of the change in month and autumn arrived bang on the first of September! Whether you are an autumn fan or prefer the warmer months, do not be fooled by the lack of flowers, there are still plenty of of wild plants and their parts that you can be…

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    July wildflowers & wild plants | foraging guide

    Welcome to July! and another wildflowers & wild plants foraging guide. And what a wonderful month it has been so far. This weather is my favourite. Not only have we had glorious sunshine, but this week we have also had a New moon & solar eclipse, mercury going retrograde – all times for releasing dead weight and starting renewed and…

  • Foraging

    June wildflowers & wild plants | foraging guide

    Welcome to the June edition of the wildflowers & wild plants foraging guide. The second instalment of this little series I started, which seems to have gone down quite well! (if you missed last months you can read it here ) I decided, as there are so many things growing this time of year with Spring in full swing and…

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    Spring Foraging | Plants & Wildflowers for May

    Spring is always a very special time of year. A time of new beginnings & fresh starts, when everything is waking up and starting to grow. May is a month full of flowers, where everything seems to be growing at an alarming rate. Each time I go out after it’s rained it seems all the plants and wildflowers have grown…

  • Elderberry foraging and recipe
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    Elderberry recipe & foraging

    If the summer is the season of flowers, then autumn is definitely the season of berries. I shared a post on elderflower earlier in the year (you can find it here), and now all those flowers have turned to ripe, red berries. The perfect time for picking elderberry is from early to late September. Unfortunately the storms and strong winds…

  • elderflower uses and elderflower cordial recipe
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    Elderflower uses & making elderflower cordial

    It’s the exactly the right time of year to pick Elderflowers. They are covering the bushes and hedgerows of lanes and paths all around me right now, so what better time to write about the uses and benefits of Elderflower. In this post I’ve included tips on elderflower foraging, uses and making elderflower cordial. If you are here just for…