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Eating Seasonally for Spring

The 19th March marked the first day of spring in the northern hemisphere and we were lucky enough to get a day of warmth and sunshine. The change in season marks a change not only in the weather and the...

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The mental & emotional effects of illness

The emotional, spiritual, and mental side of an illness, any illness, are often overlooked. Whether that be the causing factors that led to you getting sick in the first place, or the aftermath a long term or serious health issue...

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Everyday Acts of Self-Care

I wrote previously about having a self-care ritual and a daily or morning routine that is tailored to nurturing your self-care and self-love. The other aspect of self-love that I haven’t mentioned yet (and that I also think is extremely...

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Herbs & Foods for a Healthy Heart

As February is often seen as the moth of Love it seems only fitting to talk about your Heart and how to keep it as healthy as possible. Of course, as with everything there is an emotional & physical aspect...

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Why Forgiveness Can Help You Heal

There are many aspects of forgiveness and living with past hurts. Some of which are often rooted deep in our subconscious or have become situations and events we do not want to deal with or look back on. Forgiving others...

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Create your Own Self-Care Practice

Self-care is such a really important aspect of your health and wellbeing. Staying balanced and looking after your whole health — mind, emotions, spirit and body. Everyone needs to stop and rest. We are taught, especially women, to give, to...

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Herbs & Foods to Cleanse Your Liver

Welcome back to Liver Support & Cleanse part 2. This post is going to cover the Herbs & Foods to cleanse your liver. As the name suggests this post had to get split into two parts. If you missed it...

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