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What is M.E? Explaining M.E & Adrenal Fatigue

Burnout, M.E, and Adrenal fatigue are terms used to describe a set of conditions that affect your adrenal gland function, your nervous system, your brain function, your gut, your muscles and your immune system. It is a relatively new condition...

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Dandelions 101

These precious bright bursts of sunshine have a pretty bad rep as an annoying weed to be destroyed. But dandelions are in fact beautiful and nutritious, nutrient dense, wild plants that contain more vitamins and minerals than many of the...

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Herbs for Respiratory Health

With everything going on in the World at the moment, with a pandemic ongoing, and a disease that is respiratory focused, those with pre-existing respiratory issues are likely more concerned than usual. I thought now would be a good and...

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Routine for M.E & adrenal fatigue recovery

Starting with a new illness or something like M.E and adrenal fatigue can be tough. Post diagnosis Everything you knew, and the way of life you were living, often grinds to a halt as everything becomes focused on your new...

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Herbal Spring Cleanse Recipe

As the days get lighter and brighter and we finally step into Spring you may feel like you need to shed your Winter body and start this new season with some lightness and brightness of your own! That is what...

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Spring Detox Recipe

Eating Seasonally for Spring

The 19th March marked the first day of spring in the northern hemisphere and we were lucky enough to get a day of warmth and sunshine. The change in season marks a change not only in the weather and the...

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The mental & emotional effects of illness

The emotional, spiritual, and mental side of an illness, any illness, are often overlooked. Whether that be the causing factors that led to you getting sick in the first place, or the aftermath a long term or serious health issue...

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Everyday Acts of Self-Care

I wrote previously about having a self-care ritual and a daily or morning routine that is tailored to nurturing your self-care and self-love. The other aspect of self-love that I haven’t mentioned yet (and that I also think is extremely...

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