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The liver is one of the key organs in your body that enables you to remove toxins. Feeling a little sluggish and like you may have over-indulged too much this holiday season? Now is the perfect time to focus on your Liver and supporting your body in removing those toxins from your system. A Liver support & cleanse in the perfect way to start off your year feeling fresher and healthier.


What does the Liver do?


Your liver is the largest organ in the human body. It is also one of the organs that is vital to the health of your body. It’s functions include:

.Metabolising carbohydrates and managing your blood sugar level

.Metabolising proteins and breaking down amino acids

.The metabolism of fats and breaking down cholesterol

.The storage and metabolising of vitamins, especially fat soluble vitamins

.Involved in inactivating hormones and other steroids

.Producing and excreting bile essential in your body’s digestive process

.Helping your body detoxify from drugs, and protecting your inner ecology from disruption by drugs, toxins, pollutants, additives from foods, and any other potentially poisonous and harmful substances

So Your liver is involved in maintaining the health of your Blood, your Endocrine system, your digestive process AND overall metabolism! Phew!

In this day and age this last task (detoxifying) means that your liver is continually under stress to maintain equilibrium and homeostasis.

Did you know there are over 77 thousand chemicals and pesticides that we come into contact with in our environment?!

Liver support and cleanse comes in two parts. Although cleansing your liver after a particularly indulgent month or prolonged time exposed to toxins is good for you. The most important past is really the support of your liver on a daily basis. Making choices that reduce your toxin exposure day-to-day. This means that when you do over indulge or ingest toxins your body is more easily able to deal with them. Rather than living in constant overload.

What does the Liver do?

Alcohol no matter how good it tastes, is still a poison. As a foreign substance, your body has no way of storing or using alcohol. It therefore has to be ‘metabolised’ out through your liver. Your liver can only process a certain amount of alcohol out of your system in a set period of time. This means that any excess alcohol is left in your bloodstream.

Because your body cannot store alcohol it becomes a priority for your liver to process. This means having to deal with alcohol takes your liver and body away from its normal processes. Like the ones mentioned above. Leaving your body lacking in the fats, vitamins, proteins etc. it needs to function properly.

Environmental toxins that we ingest or are exposed to have the same effect of your body as alcohol. Toxins such as pesticides, heavy metals and man made chemicals and additives in our food and environment.

They cannot be metabolised and used by your body therefore need to be expelled as quickly as possible.

When your body, liver, and other cleansing systems are overloaded and overworked these toxins end up being stored in your body instead of got rid of. That is when they can cause damage you your cells and organs.


Chronic fatigue, headaches, cell mutations that can lead to cancers. Liver damage, skin problems particularly acne, difficulty digesting fats, haemorrhoids, yellow skin or eyes, and constipation.

How to Support & Protect Your Liver


Your body is very clever in that it is consistently and daily working to remove toxins and cleanse itself, but sometimes it needs a little help.

We now come face-to-face with so many chemical and other environmental exposures that are toxic to us, and our food is so depleted in essential vitamins and minerals that our bodies are left exposed.

The good news is you can make choices as part of your daily lifestyle that help to support and protect your liver and reduce the amount of work it has to do. The first line of defence against toxins, as with most things, is prevention.

Supporting and protecting your liver starts with the simple things.

Clean your home environment

Toxins are the chemicals and fake fragrances in your cleaning products. Switch your cleaning products for your home and bathroom/toilet to natural products. Ensuring that you aren’t breathing them in as they are used and they aren’t coming into contact with your skin.

This also includes any room ‘fresheners’ or plugins that are made of chemical fragrances.

Instead opt for natural cleaning products – there are plenty on the market now if you have a look online. As well as Pinterest which is full of DIY cleaning products you can make yourself with ingredients you already have in your home.

Set on having a fragrance in your home? You can add a few drops of essential oil to your cleaning products or use a diffuser / oil burner to scent the air.

Natural hair, makeup & beauty products

There are many hidden chemicals in shampoos, conditioners, moisturisers, deodorant, makeup, body wash etc….. Basically anything you use on your body and put on your skin. You should check the contents and switch for natural options.

Your skin is the biggest organ of your body and absorbs what you put on it and touch directly into your bloodstream and tissues. Imagine how much buildup of toxins that is for just one product you have used every day of your life!

Clean Water

Is clean water a myth nowadays?! While the water we drink may look clear, it is still full of nasties you don’t want in your body! Heavy metals, pesticides, and thousands of other chemicals filter into our water and don’t get removed before we drink it.

Toxins are heavy metals which are absorbed into your body via your digestive process.

Filtering water is a good start. But the best way to ensure your water is clean is distilling it. This process evaporates and water through heat. Separating chemicals, toxins, and heavy metals and disgracing then, before turning the steam back to pure water.

You can then re– add the essential minerals and nutrients that your body needs back into the water and know that it is safe for drinking.

This is something you can do easily in your own home. You can purchase water distillers relatively cheaply, and they take about four or five hours to produce six or so litres of fresh clean water (depending on the size of your distiller of course).

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