Be kind to yourself_mindfulness

Be kind to yourself (its ok to rest!)

Being human is hard. We definitely aren’t perfect, any of us. And yet why do we give ourselves such a hard time if we don’t do, or act, like we think we should?

I have, as we speak, taken a few days away from social media. Instagram in particular. Because I found myself being unnecessarily hard on my body, my ‘achievements’, and generally feeling pretty sh*t about myself. So much so that it’s inspired my last two posts (you can read the first here).

I’ll admit they are more pep talks to myself. But I hope that you can find some use in reading them too.

Be kind to yourself_

It’s ok to need to rest

I am my own worst critic of course (*insert eye roll here). Even when I know that I am struggling with a chronic illness & not having a good day or two because of it, I will still beat myself up for not ticking things off the to-do list, or not being able to go for a walk / do anything productive that day.

To make it worse I also beat myself about not looking like / doing as much as / achieving as much as those accounts on IG and the people that I admire.

Even after 5 years with this condition I am still so frustrated that I cannot do all the things. I still tell myself I’m lazy.

Even without throwing a health condition into the mix, it’s ok to rest. Everyone needs some time off. If your body is telling you to stop you need to listen! Its cleverer than we are. It knows what you need before you do.

Your body knows best

So I’m here to remind you (and myself!) that rest is GOOD. Rest is necessary. Necessary for your body to heal and for your mind and soul to cleanse and refresh & learn!

Just because you don’t see other people’s inner lives, or they don’t share the ‘bad’ days and baggage on social media or anywhere else for that matter – doesn’t mean it isn’t happening.

Everyone is human. No one person can just keep going indefinitely without the need to rest. And if you try, that’s when the Universe/life smacks you with a big wake-up call and makes you stop. Literally. (talking from experience here)…

Be kind to yourself_mindfulness

– – –

Here’s what I struggle with:

Where’s the line between pushing yourself to achieve things and not staying in your comfort zone, and accepting that you and your body need rest and letting yourself rest?

Because the reality of living with a chronic illness is that more often than not you are exhausted. Most days are spent with brain fog and not knowing what I was thinking about two seconds ago, or what I was just about to do.

And the reality of life is you can’t appreciate the living of it if you are constantly on the go and thinking of the next thing. Not being in the present. Taking time off to rest allows you the space to reflect and appreciate what you have, what you’ve achieved, where you’ve been and what you’ve done.

Whether that’s journaling it out, looking through photos or reliving happy memories. However that works for you. Appreciate your life, what you have achieved.

Focus on the positives.

And while you’re taking time out to rest, whether that be one day or one week, try stepping away from the noise of social media too. I’ve been surprised by how much it has helped me. You might be pleasantly surprised too!

Be kind to yourself_mindfulness

Be kind to yourself_mindfulness

How my social media detox has helped

Not being on instagram has actually been a completely refreshing experience for me. It takes the pressure off creating something good within a time frame & posting on a schedule. It’s taken off the comparison complex pressure, and I feel so much freer and more creative.

I have decided after this experience that I need to change my routine when it comes to my phone use and social media. Especially where being creative is concerned. So I’m planning to do a few things differently from now on:

1. Put my phone on airplane mode before so go to bed.

2. Release caring what other people think

3. Not checking my phone / leaving it on airplane mode until I’ve finished my yoga & meditation on a morning.

4. Releasing/letting go of the pressure I put on myself. And thinking ‘this is what I should be doing’

5. Having patience with myself and my body & not thinking I need to be ‘perfect’ all the time.

6. Accepting that making time for self care and rest instead of working is good for me & my health and I shouldn’t feel guilty for it.

7. Allowing myself the space / silence to be more creative and intuitive with my art and not comparing it with what everyone else is creating and sharing on social media.

A.k.a create before I scroll.

Be kind to yourself_mindfulness

Be kind to yourself_mindfulness

8. Accept that I have to go at my own pace and achieve things in my own way in my own time. I can’t do as much as others, I need to think of that as my gift not a curse, and find ways to work with my energy to get things done instead of feeling like I need to keep pushing my limits all the time.

So that’s my plan for moving forward. By sharing it intentionally with you all I am holding myself to it.

Here’s hoping I stick to it!

I would love to hear how you deal with the hustle of daily life, social media, and making time to slow down and honour your self care 🙂

Emily xo

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