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Nature lover, Forager, Herbalist, Health & Wellness Coach. Nutritionist.

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Amongst the many things that I am, I am living with a chronic illness. Something I was diagnosed with over 5 years ago, and at the time completely turned my world upside down. In no way want this blog to be about my illness, but through the journey of rebuilding my life and learning what helps and nourishes my body (and soul), I have grown a passion for natural healing and gone on to study & learn a lot about natural remedies, holistic healing & nutrition.

I am here to share all my knowledge on Health & Wellness, plant remedies, nutrition & healing

My Story

I was diagnosed with M.E just after my 30th birthday. Meaning I’ve been living with this condition for nearly 7 years.

I know all the grief, loss pain & suffering As well as the frustration it can bring! ust how much it can flip your life on its head and leave you feeling like you hit rock bottom. Believe me I’ve been there.

I have lived through the days where getting out of bed felt as insurmountable as climbing Everest, and the thought of having a shower impossible.

The days when you are unable to see friends, family, and loved ones. Struggle to leave the house. And it feels like the person you really are is stuck under a permanent thick fuzzy cloud of brain fog and exhaustion. I have lived through those too.

Dr’s and specialists still don’t seem to know much about this illness. Along with Fibromyalgia it is bundled into an umbrella category of symptoms and conditions that Dr’s cannot cure and don’t seem to know how to treat.

I have always been stubborn, and I refused to give up on my health and my life. Or to believe this half-life was as good as it was going to get.

I researched & I tested out my research as well as trying many MANY different supplements. 


Natural and plant based healing, diving into nutrition & using food as medicine, using my intuition and understanding my body. Plus more ancient practices like meditation and yoga. Combining a ‘whole’ approach to wellness. Not just looking at the symptoms, but the root causes, the background and the peripheral contributors to health. This changed everything for me!

My journey prompted me to take courses in Natural Medicine and Nutrition for healing & I continue to research & learn all the time!

I am constantly learning all I can about these practices and how plants can help us heal.


I’m able to run again, go for walks, and enjoy the things I love. I class my burnout as a gift. It showed me how completely lost I was. It was a wake up call, it gave me the opportunity to really find what makes me happy & know who I really am.


If like me, you have been suffering in some way then you are probably willing to try anything that may help. to make anyone feel lonely, lost & like they may never get better

I have learnt A LOT. Studied & taken courses in herbal medicine and nutrition & now I want to share all my knowledge with you.

Not just M.E sufferers, but anyone dealing with elements of adrenal fatigue & burnout. People who are wanting to make the change to a slower, more holistic lifestyle that is better for their happiness, health & well-being.


I share blog posts on holistic living, mental wellbeing, herbal remedies & plant based healing recipes.

I have also created a programme to guide you through the healing processes I used to get myself healthy again complete with lifestyle changes, how to monitor your progress, nutrition advice, recipes & much more. AND I offer a variety of coaching programs to suit your needs where I can offer one-to-one support and guidance.

If you would like to chat let’s hop on a 20 min call (it’s completely FREE & no obligation ).


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While I 100% believe in what I do, if there is one thing I have learnt it's that every person is different & different things work for different body's. Please don't just mindlessly follow what I or any coach says. Learn to know your body better than anyone else.. & if you struggle, I can help with that too 😉 I hope you enjoy reading, and I would love to hear your thoughts & any suggestions on other things you'd like to read.
Emily Fryer