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    How to have a happy period

    So far in this little mini-series we have covered Natural remedies for period pain , How to balance your PMS mood & emotions and How to Balance your hormones naturally. What I’ve tried to cover are hopefully the key and most predominant symptoms– the pain and emotional rollercoaster, before diving deeper into the more ‘long term’ solution of balancing your hormones. As a final instalment I think it’s also important to look at your mindset around your moon cycle & your relationship with your body. Plus some easy lifestyle improvements. So how to have a happy period will be my top tips & advice to round the series out. I…

  • Rosehip Syrup Recipe

    Rosehip Syrup Recipe

    A super simple, minimum fuss rosehip syrup recipe that is refined sugar free and that you can keep for up to six months. Rosehip syrup is a wonderful way to utilise the immune boosting properties of rose hips & makes a delicious topping for your yoghurts, porridge, pancakes, even drizzled on your cakes or toast (instead of jam). Taking a desert spoon of syrup a day through autumn & winter will not only help your body fight of colds and flu, but is also good for your skin & will relieve exhaustion too! You can read my post Rosehip Benefits for all of their uses. Making Rosehip Syrup | Some…

  • Rosehip Benefits
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    Rosehip Benefits

    Rosehips are surrounding the hedgerows this time of year. If you’d like to pick them and aren’t sure how you can read up Autumn Foraging Guide | Wild Roots & Fruits for some foraging tips. The birds and wild animals like eating these sweet berries too, so don’t forget to be mindful of how many you are picking. Rosehips are full of vitamin C as well as bioflavonoids, vitamin E, and a few other compounds that are good for you. The rosehip benefits are many and varied. Healing Rosehip Benefits The contents of rosehips mean that it has a lot of healing properties for you any your body, especially during…

  • Essential oils

    Autumn Essential Oils

    I enjoyed writing my summer essential oils post: Summer Essential Oils and creating some summer scents so much that I thought it would be nice to have oil scents for each season. These autumn essential oils are a combination of oils I feel represent elements of the autumn season, as well as oils that are useful to improve your health and mood through this season. Essential oils are not only a beautiful way to include natural scents into your daily skincare routine, and add an extra level of health and care when it comes to healing your body, but they work via scent to improve your emotional & mental health…

  • How to balance your mood and emotions during PMS
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    How to balance your PMS mood & emotions

    Your hormones have a powerful effect on your emotions. Low oestrogen (or low oestrogen levels compared to progesterone) can lead to depression in women — and is the main culprit when it comes to postpartum depression. At the same time low progesterone levels can also have a negative effect and cause many of your mood & emotion related issues. As well as balancing your hormones, which we covered in last weeks post: How to Balance your hormones naturally, knowing how to balance your PMS mood & emotions during and leading up to your period can work wonders to help you feel happier with your moon cycle and minimise any PMS…

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    How to Balance your hormones naturally

    Welcome to part 2 of this mini-series on your moon cycle and using herbal & natural remedies to cure all your problem symptoms. This post is covering everything you need to know about how to balance your hormones naturally. If you missed part one on managing period pain you can read that here: Natural remedies for period pain Female hormones and your moon cycle While changes in your hormone levels throughout your moon cycle is normal for many of us our hormones can be too high or lower than they should be at different times. This can be caused by many things — your diet, stress, environmental factors. Not to…

  • Natural remedies for period pain herbal tea
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    Natural remedies for period pain

    There are many elements contributing to a woman’s monthly moon cycle that can make it uncomfortable. Most of these are caused by an imbalance of hormones. Over the next few weeks I will be writing a mini-series covering all things period & PMT. But here I will cover all the natural remedies for period pain, to make your monthly cycle as easy as possible for you. Treating period pain can be approached both internally and externally. There are a number of supplements you can take, as well as massage techniques you can use with essential oils and in your baths that relieve period pain. Natural remedies for period pain Cramps…

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    Foods to Boost Your Immune System

    It’s coming up to that time of year where germs are going round and the chances of catching cold & flu are pretty high. While there are plenty of things you can do with herbal remedies to protect yourself and help your body heal. Using foods to boost your immune system is just as, if not more, important! and can ensure you have a healthy, strong immune system all year round. If you’d like to learn more about natural remedies for cold & flu you can read Natural Cold and Flu prevention and Natural Cold & Flu remedies . Food & Your Immune System Eating the right foods and being…

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    Autumn Foraging Guide | Wild Roots & Fruits

    Welcome to Autumn! It feels like this year nature took notice of the change in month and autumn arrived bang on the first of September! Whether you are an autumn fan or prefer the warmer months, do not be fooled by the lack of flowers, there are still plenty of of wild plants and their parts that you can be collecting this time of year! Here is your Autumn foraging guide – all of the roots, berries, leaves and more that you can find and use for the next three months. Autumn Foraging Guide to Wild Roots & Fruits, and more The colours of nature are changing, and for plants,…

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    A healing lifestyle | How to manage chronic illness with your lifestyle choices

    A healing lifestyle is a choice to dedicate the life you lead to your healing and health. When it come to chronic illness the road to recovery can be a long and winding one with set backs as well as successes. How you manage your day-to-day life and the changes you make to help your body heal along the way, as well as manage and minimise your symptoms, can be crucial. Here we will discuss how to manage your chronic illness with your lifestyle choices — including M.E/CFS. What is a healing lifestyle? So what does a ‘healing lifestyle’ mean? Well part of the joy of a healing lifestyle is…